Eric Bentley’s 2 Minute Drill: Major League Baseball’s Hall of . . . Shame?

The day after four very worthy players were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame  – one being Mariano Rivera (congrats, Mo!), whom is the first unanimous selection to enter Cooperstown – I came across some pretty “interesting” information that, as a rabid baseball fan, has forever tarnished my view of one of the most cherished honors in all of sports.

What was it, you ask, that has me so disgusted? Welp, this is what I’ve learned about the Hall of Fame voting process: Only ~10% of the “Baseball Writers’ Association of America” cast who votes for the players are even baseball writers! So, who are they, then? Well, many are indeed sports writers – football, pro/college basketball, hockey, golf etc. – but, the point is they aren’t baseball writers!

Some voters are are digital marketers, and one of them is a writer for the American Heart Association!! Are you kidding me!? Last time I checked, I didn’t assume that there would be much of a baseball conversation in between discussing the right ventricle and medial aorta in the hallways of the AHA (shaking my head as I type). In fact, only two out of all 232 voters have been honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame.

It’s a pretty scary & deflating reality if you, like myself, have never realized who is voting for your beloved player(s) to determine who is accepted into baseball eternity. Please, let’s take nothing away from Roy Halladay (RIP), Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, and Mariano Rivera, as they all have their elections more than warranted. Just keep in mind, next time you are discussing a possible unanimous snub, a player you hated, or a player you loved, making or not making the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, that it may be the nerdy digital marketer, or Dr. Smith of the American Heart Association placing their “expertise” in the way of these players who have earned at least a consideration in one of the greatest accomplishments in all of sports.

Shame on Cooperstown for allowing such a monstrosity. Rant over. Thanks for listening. Mic drop. (Or, in this situation, Gronk spiked in disgust!)

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