Sports Betting 101

Ohhhhh sports gambling. Betting the big game. Betting the bad game. Betting for fun. Betting out of desperation. Betting because you love your team and they deserve it. Betting because the other team took all of your money the week before. Betting because it’s the game of the week. Betting to make the televised toilet bowl game of the week fun to watch. Betting because you’re bored. Betting because all your friends are doing it. Betting because betting is cool. After all, it’s every middle-to-late age males American Dream, right? Winning big on all the games every week? Bragging to the boys how much you’ve won, and they should all take notice of the past 2-3 weeks you’ve tripled your money? Telling your wife you don’t have a problem, and show her the wad of cash from your top dresser drawer to prove that it’s actually helping the family? Let’s face it folks, you’re throwing your hard earned paycheck down the toilet more weeks than not, and somehow you’re okay with it enough to keep you coming back for more. We here at Streak’n Sports are here to help, or at least do our damnedest to keep your sanity, and marriage intact.


The reality is, Vegas always wins. YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT! Vegas. Always. Wins. With that being said, you also have to tone it down a notch, and use your head more than you’d like to. A little research and some common sense play a big role in betting these games. I know you think the Patriots are going to crush the Dolphins in Miami (hypothetical situation here), and especially because the line is at -5.5, and the Dolphins suck. I know you KNOW the Pats will cover. But before you go putting all of your overtime money on New England, don’t forget that the ‘phins have covered 6 out of the last 8 meetings, and 7 out of 8 at home. Also don’t forget that the line moved in Miami’s favor all week, and that the public has 78% of the money on New England (go back and read the first sentence of this paragraph). These are the things that you have to look out for, and it’s really simple to do so. Most betting and odds websites (we use will have the matchup histories attached to the game that week. They should also have the percentage of where the money is going. If the percentage of the money is 70% or higher one way, im 99% going the other way. Are we going to win every game we bet? Of course not. Are we going to have bad weeks? You betcha-but you must stick with the system, and the system is facts and percentages. It’s all simple, really.


Remember, there’s a reason why Vegas has all those new & shiny buildings!

Although you’re saying to yourself okay wise guy, lets see how this pans out. Go for it, that’s why i’ve taken the risk of putting myself, and my name (follow me here -> Eric Bentley) out there for your benefit. I’m no friend of Vegas. I want all of us to win! It gets tricky, though. Your mind will start to play games on you, and before you know it you will be shying away from the “system”, and going back to your cut and dry, on paper, and “there’s just no way” bets. In order to have longevity in the wonderful world of sports betting, you MUST stick with the system. Sure, there will be some games where the best bet is the favorite. The obvious choice. That will happen often. In those instances, though, the public’s money is spread out more evenly than not. You can’t go betting every game. Look into them, and pick and choose your battles.

My go to bets are always public percentages (70% or higher one way), home underdogs (many of the times), and simple and quick research on past match-ups and how the recent past has panned out. Don’t just come out firing each and every week. I know what you’re thinking, “shooters shoot, Eric.” And indeed they do, but we’re not at the bar after last call trying to take home Cassie’s hot friend who can barely stand on her own. We’re talking your hard earned money, and sports betting.

One last thing i want to throw out there — I know you want to swing the big stick, but start small, please. Chip away, and see what happens on Thursday Night Football and with the 1pm games. Then, use your judgement. Throwing $500 on one game is a bad idea way more often than not.

Stick with the system, do your research, and never, ever forget, VEGAS ALWAYS WINS! Now, let’s go Streak’n!

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