Streak’n Sports Handicapper | Brian Bentley

My first job was a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant and one of the cooks was a bookie. Probably 90% of the employees bet through this guy and I decided to give it a shot. I won the very first bet that I made and 20 years later i'm still enjoying it.

I can't remember my best win streak, but one memorable streak that comes to mind happened when I was down about $2,000 that I didn't have. I rattled off 23 out of 26 games during the College Football Bowl season through the Super Bowl. I ended up being $3,000 in the green!

I've had many, many, many bad beats, many of which I can't recall (luckily). One of the most memorable was when I bet on the Tampa Bay Bucs back when they had Jon Gruden and the best defense in football. They had a 21 point lead against the Colts with something like 5 minutes left and the Colts tied the game. The game went to overtime and the Colts missed a field goal and the Bucs were called for leaping. The Colts next kick was good and the Colts won the game.

I had a pretty bad one last year (2017) when (I believe) the Redskins took the kickoff with no time left and threw several laterals before it ended up in the end zone and their opponent jumped on the ball for a cover with no time left. I probably have about 100 more like that.

My most profitable sport to bet is NBA. The NBA Playoffs is my favorite. I went 30-12-2 in the 2018 playoffs. I usually do well during College Football Bowl season, the NFL and the NCAA Men's Basketball tourney.

I love betting underdogs, especially home dogs, and I often bet against the public. I look for teams that are over or undervalued based on their last game.

Jinxes are absolutely real. The worst jinx recently that I remember came when Aaron Rodgers threw a hail mary to beat Cardinals a couple of years ago. My buddy made a comment about Rodgers throwing a hail mary and I told him he just jinxed me. He said something along the lines of "you're insane and it's a bunch of garbage". Then, for good measure, he guaranteed a hail mary. Rodgers promptly rolled out and got drilled, fell backwards and somehow heaved it into the end zone where it was caught for a touchdown.

I've hit several entire NFL and NBA betting seasons at over 60%. I am confident in my ability, but also pretty humble. For every 10-game winning streak there's a bad losing streak waiting for you right around the corner. The biggest thing to remember, even during bad times, is to stay the course and trust in what you're doing.


"You lose a lot of bets where you chose the correct side." ~Brian Bentley

The breaks will go against you sometimes, but trust the system. I may go through some rough patches and rocky times, but if you stay with me you will come out on top in the long run.