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With only four weeks remaining in the 2018-19 NFL regular season, even Chris Kringle himself is taking a break from checking off his naughty-and-nice list to prepare himself for the NFL Playoffs. This season has been full of surprises, besides the ever so perennial Tom “I French Kiss My Son” Brady and Co. (whoopty flippin’ doo). We seem to be getting blessed with a mix of young emerging stars taking the league by storm, and vets who we all thought were finished years ago! It’s safe to say that no matter how your favorite team has fared thus far, this season has been one hell of a ride, and damn fun to watch! As I was looking through the standings after this past weekend, I realized how many teams have a legit shot to take it all the way. The talent is spread rarely evenly across the league, barring the shitty ass NFC East (Giants fan here).

With that being said, our Streak’n Sports ‘cappers have had a red-hot season, and we’ve brought a mixture of knowledge and experience to the table in hopes of sharing the wealth with our beloved public. We hope our readers have been enjoying in our successes, because that’s why we’re here; Mo’ Money No Problems!  Let’s have a little fun and see if we can nail yet another one—who will meet in Super Bowl LIII.


Best Shot at Making Super Bowl

New England Patriots (+550)

Nothing new here, folks. If you look up perennial in the dictionary, you’ll see the Patriots. They’ve got arguably the best coach in the history of the game, and the same can be said for their signal caller, Tawm Brady. They’re as fundamentally sound as any team in the league, and the greater the pressure, the greater they seem to perform.

The other fascinating thing about these guys- it doesn’t seem to matter who the supporting cast is, they always find a way to make it work. You could throw the Olsen twins at wide out, and somehow that sicko Brady would have them in the pro bowl. The Josh Gordon pickup is going to be the X factor, and could very well take them all the way.

Los Angeles Rams (+320)

The Rams have one of the most explosive offenses in the league, but what many people don’t tend to pay attention to is the work they do in the trenches. As a Giants fan, I can appreciate this more than most other fans, with the G MEN having one of the worst stretch of offensive lines in history!

The Rams on the other hand have a stellar offensive line, which will prove to be crucial in the playoffs, when defenses are playing at their best. Todd Gurley would probably feast with an average line, at best. With this one, he has to be one happy camper. With the best pass blocker win rate in the league, expect Jared Goff and Co. to have plenty of time wreak havoc on opposing defenses now, and come crunch time.

New Orleans Saints (+280)

What was written about the Patriots could very well be applied here. Drew Brees. Sean Payton. These guys get it done, seemingly year after year. Throw in 34.9 points per game, and adding the to scoreboard at a historic 58.1% of their drives. What happened in Dallas will not happen again, I’ll bet my paycheck on it.

Their defense can be sketchy at times, which is a normalcy in New Orleans, but an average defense can be acceptable with this explosive offense. Brees may have never had a talent like Michael Thomas, either. Watch out for the Saints- they should have no problem marching into the playoffs. Throw in the experience with quarterback and coach, and it’s a scary team to face.

Kansas City Chiefs (+500)

This was starting to look like the beginning of a dynasty, until Kareem Hunt was caught channeling his inner Ray Rice. Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill are truly something special. Travis Kelce is the best tight end in the league (Gronk can’t stay on the field). Andy Reid is one of the best in the biz. Mahomes 41 TD’s are astounding.

The problem? He may have to throw 41 more to keep up with their glaring hole-the entire defense. There are times where I truly think they would have the same outcome leaving everyone on the sidelines when the other team is in control of the football. This is going to be a tremendous disadvantage come playoff time. Youth has it perks, but it also can turn into the enemy when the experience isn’t there. It may take a year or two for this team to find their way deep into the playoffs. They better hope they can get it together on defense, or they may be yelling FORE! instead of yelling audibles deep into the playoffs.=

Houston Texans (+1400)

The Texans are truly clicking on both sides of the football these days. They’ve won nine in a row, and could clinch the AFC South as soon as next week. The Deshaun Watson/Deandre Hopkins connection is damn near impossible to contain. J.J. Watt (11.5 sacks) is the anchor to what is becoming a very, very good defense. It’s impossible to miss Jadeveon Clowney, too (7 sacks and counting).

The X factor here? Watson’s ability to sling it or run it at any given time. Come playoff time, being able to keep a broken play alive can make or break ya. Lamar Miller has been quietly solid, and brings experience to the Texans backfield. If they can continue what they’re doing, and find ways to get even better- watch out! Houston’s looking to ride the momentum train into the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1600)

The Steelers lead the league in sacks with 41. They create turnovers, but they also turn the ball over. They ooze with talent on both sides of the ball, but for some reason can’t seem to hold it together at times (see: last week vs Chargers). As much of a legacy as Mike Tomlin has created for himself, he seems to be headed in the wrong direction. There has been times where his coaching has been downright laughable. Bonehead mistakes (challenging plays that will clearly never be overturned, and losing crucial timeouts is one of them).

The James Conner injury is also something to monitor. This could prove to be crippling, as he has been more than a pleasant surprise filling in for the selfish, spoiled little brat Le’Veon Bell. You can have the best wide outs in the world, and they arguably do, but without a solid rushing attack, an offense won’t ever find it’s rhythm. Big Ben isn’t getting any younger, and this could end up being one of his final chances to make a splash in the playoffs.


Don’t Count ’em Out Yet

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Baltimore Ravens (+4000)

The saying goes, defense wins championships. If that really is the case, then this is where the Ravens come into play. The Ravens are the clear cut best defense in the NFL, allowing the fewest points (17.8) and yards (281.7) per game. What the Ravens don’t have is the best offense in the league- not even close. They just don’t have the weapons needed to contend with the other top defenses, as well as hang with the other high powered offenses.

Joe Flacco has never lived up to the monster contract following his super bowl victory, many moons ago. He was always good, but never great. Perhaps experience will prove to be an asset, as we do have many younger teams looking to make their way into the playoffs. They’ll need to get very lucky, but it’s happened before.

Seattle Seahawks (+3300)

Seattle is another team who seems to be finding their rhythm at the right time. Their ground attack is quietly one of the best in the business (averaging 4.9 yards per carry and 149 yards per game), and that is allowing Russell “Danger” Wilson to play at a high level. When Russ is on point, he’s one of the best signal callers in the game. They have topped 150 rushing yards in eight of their last nine games, and they’re looking to lock up the wild card with their high level of play at the right time of the year. I also wonder if people forget that Seattle is one of the toughest places to play in the league, and they stay home three of their final four regular season matches. I’m sure they’re happy about that.

When the ground game is established early, it opens up plenty of opportunity for Wilson to make the big play. Having the mobility he possesses never hurts, either. They’ll be fun to watch.

Chicago Bears (+2000)

It’s all about defense in Chicago, and da Bears are flourishing. They lead the league in takeaways, have 15 players with at least one sack, and 10 players with at least one interception. That’s pretty damn impressive if you ask me. They’re solid all the way around on the defensive end. Did I fail to mention they have the best defensive player in the planet? C’mon, do I even have to state the man’s name? He’s a baaaaad mofo, and his competition doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m not so sure that Mitch Trubisky is ready for this level of play. He does have the games new Darren Sproles in Tarik Cohen, but I just don’t think this offense has enough weapons to keep up. Perhaps a defense who can put up points themselves could give this team what it takes to compete in the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys (+2500)

I may take some heat for this, but the only reason I have Dallas in this article is because we here at Streak’n Sports are professionals and I understand that many people would argue the fact of them being kept out. They’ve got a good defense, I admit it, but they’re being stroked from absolutely every angle. Their victory over the Saints was an impressive one. They played the best football they played all year, but they’ve got a tough final stretch. Two of the last four teams they play are top ten in scoring, and they haven’t shown consistency all season.

They’re currently playing with inflated egos, so it’ll be interesting to see how their remaining games pan out. Zeke Elliot may look like a freak, but he is one on the football field, too. Besides the wookiee, there’s not a whole lot of consistency on the offensive side of the ball. To be honest, Dak hasn’t proved to anyone he can hang in consecutive big games. Well, that’s what the playoffs are all about!

Now for my prediction. I have to be honest, who knows what could happen with all of these talented teams, and this year seems to be especially difficult in predicting who will meet in the big game. It’s all about having a little fun with this, but looking at our exceptional knowledge and win rate, don’t be surprised if you see what’s below come to fruition.

AFC Championship

New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans

NFC Championship

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl LIII

New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints

Super Bowl LIII Champion

New England Patriots (+550)

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